Autopsy: A Love Story (2002) is a campy horror film that, quite frankly is more creepy than it is scary.  Of course, what subject could possibly be creepier than necrophilia?

Autopsy: A Love Story is about a socially dysfunctional morgue worker named Charlie who relates to dead people better than to the living.  The morgue where he works is owned by a crook played by Joe Estevez, the youngest brother of Martin Sheen, who pays crooked police officers to send him the freshest bodies.  He then sells organs on the criminal market before cremating those bodies.

Charlie falls in love with a Jane Doe and carries on an imaginary relationship with her, but unlike Bernie in Weekend at Bernie's, she decomposes.  This "relationship" is upset when her living, breathing sister shows up looking for her.

As with most low budget films, this one has cheesy dialog and bad overacting, but unlike most this one compels viewers to watch and see what happens next.  Initially, I started watching as a rubbernecker might try to see some gore in a car wreck, but after the first few scenes I actually wanted to see how Charlie would manage to deal with the inevitable realization that it wasn't a real relationship.

I give Autopsy: A Love Story a 5 out of 10.