I can't believe Slaughtered (2010) was hidden in a 15 Film Horror Pack in the Walmart DVD bargain bin.  This film is way too good for that.  The lighting, framing, and sound were much higher quality than one would ever expect from any film in a multi-pack at the bottom of a bargain bin.  This film is top notch, as one would expect from the $100,000 budget listed on IMDB, but not from where I found it.

Slaughtered is set in an Australian pub where a masked killer slashes his victims one by one.  I'm not 100% clear on why all of the doors to the outside were locked and couldn't be opened, but apparently it was essential to the movie to prevent people from running away.  The only significant negative was that the characters' reactions to being attacked and seeing each other attacked were less than realistic.

I give Slaughtered a 9 out of 10.  If you like slasher films, this one is a must-see.