Slaughtered (2008) is barely worth a review.  Some guy named Harold (Chris Smith aka. Khhryst) runs a snuff porn website where the women are actually killed as part of the photographic shoot.  A group of their ghosts gets together to collectively stop him.  I won't say if it had a happy ending, but happily it had an ending.

The concept and editing were good and the musical score seemed decent in context.  The script was mediocre at best.  The visual and practical effects were bad.  The acting was worse.  Some scenes sounded fresh out of a telenovela and in others, the actors sounded like shy high school students reading textbook passages aloud in class.  Even the violence is nowhere near realistic — some of the women didn't even scream when their lives were in imminent and obvious danger.  This film from the 2000's even had computers that looked fresh out of the late 1980's or early 1990's.

I give it a 2 out of 10, only for the concept and because I've also seen movies that were actually worse.  This is just barely worth an appearance on MST3K.